How to tell resolution of TIDAL albums?

Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn’t see a thread covering this.

Often times I’ll do a search on TIDAL (in Roon) and I’ll get multiple copies of an album returned. So, this is great as it gives me the opportunity to select the resolution I want to play that album at (e.g. 24/44, 16/44). However, there is no easy way for me to tell the resolution of the album. The way I do this at the moment is to start playing one of the albums and then check the signal path.

Am I missing something here? Is there a setting, or something I can do to view TIDAL audio resolution of an album before playing it?

If not, should this be a feature added to the ‘Feature Request’ section?


Hi Ric,

You’re not missing anything, you’re doing what we all have to do (play and look at the signal path).
I had a quick look and could not see a specific feature request for this (there are some discussion about identifying Tidal MQA albums) so I say go for it and create one.

Will do, cheers :slight_smile:

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