How to turn off continious [radio] playback in Roon [Answered]


I’m playing an album which I started by clicking blue ‘Play Album’ and then ‘Play Now’.
After last track is finished playing Roon doesn’t stop playing but continue by playing some different album.
I have 2 questions:
First is it possible to stop playback after last track is over as many other players normally do?
Second what logic Roon follows to find next album it plays?



This is the radio function. I can’t explain the detail of how songs are chosen but youan turn it off by clicking into the queue and turning it off in the panel on the right.



Also see the description of the Radio function in the User Guide.

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Thanks for quick and helpful reply

This is something I’d love to understand. Presently, it’s an enigma wrapped up in a mystery, but in a very attractive package.