How To Turn Off Network LED

Hi there,

Here is a HowTo turning off the network LEDs behind the raspberry pi. It works with PI 2 and 3.
For PI 3+, the below detailed method will not work. The process has been simplified by adding the following lines to the /boot/config.txt:


For Pi 2 & 3:

Download the lan951x-led-ctl program:

SSH access to your RoPieee, username “root” and password “root”.

pacman -S nano
pacman -S libusb-compat
pacman -S make
pacman -S gcc

Create a temporary folder for installation of the program under your /home folder.
Unzip and copy the previously download files in the above created directory.
(I use WinSCP for the above steps).

Back to your SSH consol:
Go to folder /home/lan951x-led-ctl-master
Install the program by running:
make install

Run the program and confirm the LEDs are off:
lan951x-led-ctl --fdx=0 --lnk=0 --spd=0

Create a script to run the program:

mkdir /home/root
cd /home/root

lan951x-led-ctl --fdx=0 --lnk=0 --spd=0

Create a service that will be called at boot of RoPieee:

nano /lib/systemd/system/networkledoff.service

Description=Network LED Off Module
ExecStart=bash /home/root/ &

Enable the service:

systemctl enable networkledoff.service

Remove the compilation tools for cleaning purposes:
pacman -Rs gcc
pacman -Rs make
pacman -Rs nano

Delete temporary installation files:
Delete folder /home/NetworkLED

@spockfish: Would be great to add this function to the already existing LED option of the Advanced tab.


@agillis Couldn’t be this also an option for the sonictransporter?

No really we don’t use a Pi

Also if you did this you would not know if the network is working or not.


That’s true, but to have it as option would be fine (if it feasible).