How to turn off the word ‘duplicate’ if I’ve two identical albums with two different sampling rate? [Solved]

I’ve two identical albums with two different sample rates; one is DSD256 and the other one is DSD128. The DSD128 album show ‘duplicate’. Can this be turn off?

You can hide duplicates in the settings | general - see the pic here

I still can’t turn off the word ‘duplicate’ tracks on the DSD128 album…

You need to turn off the show hidden tracks

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If you would rather do this for a single pair of albums rather than globally, pull up one of these 2 releases and click ‘Other Versions’.

Then, on the album not marked primary, click the 3-dot menu to the right side of the pop-up window. Finally, choose ‘Remove from duplicates.’ Now both releases should be considered should be visible in your library and neither will be labeled as a duplicate. Let us know if that does it for you. Cheers!


Thank you, guys! @wizardofoz and @kneville

No worries Guy…still enjoying your Holo Spring?

Yes, it is in my reference playback system. I wouldn’t trade in the world for it :grinning:!

Enjoy bro…maybe one day I could come out and hear it again. Hope your dupes issues all in the past :smiley: