How to turn radio on in 1.6?

1.6 is looking good so far. I haven’t really used radio before but might now that it goes off-piste to Tidal and Qobuz.

I can get it to kick in after playing an album - go to the Queue and toggle the switch. How do I start it from the current track that’s playing though - say in a playlist.

Almost certainly me being very stupid :relaxed:

It just starts for me when the last song ends. This is the seed song. So just play a song and let it go.
If you select queue the on of button is their in the corner.

Doesn’t work from playlists. Artist, album, track.

Ok, not being overly dumb then. Phew.

I usually listen to whole albums, is there a way to go to radio when partway through one? A workaround is to go into the queue and clear all forthcoming tracks, then hit next - it loads up radio then.

Edit - or you could just skip to the last track in the album and then hit next I suppose.

You could just go to the album and in the drop-down hit Roon Radio. It will randomly play one song from the album and then away you go.

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Right click the track anywhere, say on an album display page, then up in the title bar you will see a big Play Now button appear, click the down arrow alongside and thees an option to start paying Roon Radio - and yes, it is a very weird place to put it, why not put it on the 3 dot context menu for each track??!!

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Bingo. That’s what I was looking for.

I agree not the most intuitive but now I know it’s fine

Thanks Tim

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It should be available in the Play options everywhere:



These can also be customized from Settings > Play Actions, so Radio is just a click away if you prefer.

@mike When I played around with Roon Radio last night it seemed I can only start the radio as per your instructions when the selected track is in my library.

When I was playing a Tidal track that was not in my library the ‘Roon Radio’ icon did not show up as an option. This was using an iPhone with the new 1.6 version running.

Is this the expected behaviour or am I doing something wrong?

Can you post a screenshot of where you’re seeing this?

Hi- How can you start Radio other than it automatically starting at the end of a queue?

Right click on a track album or genre

Hey Mark, see Mike’s screen shots further up in the thread. You can start Radio from any song by right clicking on it then selecting Roon Radio.

Or left clicking it.
Or touching it.

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And all of the above, thanks @AndersVinberg :grin:

Will not be home until Feb 2 so can’t check until then. Will check if I can reproduce…

Hi @mike,

I tried to use Roon Radio based on a playlist. So if go to ‘Playlists’, select one, and hit this blue Roon Radio button from the drop down, nothing happens. There is a little message displayed: ‘Roon Radio started’ or similar, but nothing happens, nothing is played.
It works with albums or artists, but not with playlists. Is this intended? Is it a bug? How can I use Roon Radio based on a playlist or based on a complete queue?


Doesn’t work off playlists.

This is what I don’t understand. Yes,I can see who to turn on Radio based on ONE album, but not based on a playlist or the entire Queue.

You can’t the team have responded, have a search in the 1.6 feedback thread.

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