How to undo an album created from playlist?

All my files are in a NAS. I do not have Tidal nor Qobuz. One of my Roon playlists contains over 100 songs from different artists. I wanted to export it but I could not find a way to do so that still maintain my order of the tracks. I know that Roon can export individual albums, so what I did was select all tracks in that playlist then under Track Editor, grouped them. Big mistake. Now all the tracks in the playlist show the same album name and artwork. How do I undo this and restore my previous playlist?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Leonard_Co,

You can resolve this in a couple ways.

  1. You can go to the album that was created, choose edit, and choose Fix Track Grouping.
  2. You can make a copy of these albums outside of your library, delete the files in Roon, and then re-import them from the copies you created.

Regarding creating a playlist — How were these playlists originally created? You can import M3U files, which might be the easiest way depending on how it was created.

Thanks for the reply, @dylan. All my music is on my NAS and I control Roon on my iPad. I create playlists simply by long-tapping on the 3 dots on top of each other at the far right of a particular song then choosing the first option, which is “add to a playlist.”

I tried your suggestion but it didn’t work. What happened was I created an album from a playlist, but that album does not appear in my “albums” list. It is in my “playlists” list. Maybe that’s why “fix track grouping” doesn’t work.

The playlist contains 118 songs from different albums on my NAS which I have sorted in a particular order. The long and hard way would be for me to take screenshots so that I don’t have to write down the song titles, delete the old playlist and make a new one. Doing so will be tedious and I would like to avoid this, if possible.

I would appreciate any other suggestions you may have, or if perhaps you could Teamviewer into the Windows computer that runs my Roon Core? Then you could see what I mean and what the playlist looks like now?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Leonard_Co,

So we can better help, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Roon?

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