How to up-sample a convolution filter?

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On the Roon support page for convolution, it says:

“You can avoid filter resampling by providing a separate filter for each sample rate. This can improve performance–both CPU performance and sonic performance–so you should try to provide a filter for each rate when possible.”

I have a pair of 44.1/48 filters (.wav files) that I did not create myself (I don’t know how to create filters). Will it be better (“sonically”) if I up-sample these to higher resolutions instead of Roon doing it “on the fly”? I did this up-sampling using PGGB, but the resulting .wav files didn’t work well with Roon. There was clipping when playing audio files convolved with them. What is the best way to do this?

Hi @Atriya_Sen1,

Unless you can go back and use the tool that generated the filters and output new filters at the higher sample rates, you’re likely better off sticking with Roon’s implementation. Any gains from using an external tool to resample the filters would likely be marginal at best.


Got it, thanks!

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