How to update HQPlayer Embedded on my sonicTransporter i7


My Setup:

Core machine:
sonicTransporter i7 server, OS Linux, with Roon Core and HQPlayer Embedded installed
SSD-disk 2T connected to sonicTransporter

Streaming device with dac:
La Rosita Gamma HD with NAA

Connections are LAN from Router via server to streaming device

Now I have Embedded version 4.9.0 of HQPlayer but there are newer versions already so I would like to update. I understand that it is best to uninstall HQPlayer and then reinstall it. How to uninstall it via sonictransport / manage is clear to me:
apps> software manager> installed apps> HQPlayer server version …> press red button Delete.
But then I have to reinstall it. The first time I installed it, HQPlayer Server was available in the Available Apps of the software manager from sonictransport, it is no longer there because it is already installed. What happens if I choose Delete HQPlayer:

  1. Is HQPlayer Server newest Version available in the Available Apps
  2. If not in the Available Apps, where can I find it?
    If you know a more convenient way to update HQPlayer Embedded, please let me know.

Greetings, Bert.

Hi Bert,

There’s no need to delete v4.9.0. If you go software manager and do the main software update of sonicOrbiter OS, this should update HQP Embedded to the latest version.

At the same time, deleting your current version and then installing via software manager should work too. It will show up in Available Apps after you’ve first deleted it.

But there’s really no need to delete first, if you use the main software update.

Give the main sonicOribter OS update a try first and report back.

Hello Sean,

What a helpfull answer:sweat_smile: I did the main software update…and it works! Thanks.

Greetings, Bert.

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Hi my HQPlayer NAA is version 3.5.6, is this the latest version. My sonicTransport i7 doesnt seem to want to load any higher version?


Hello Rob,

I’ve got the same version. After the update, I hope to have the latest version of the NAA.


Hi Bert, do you know how to find the hqplayer server version? I’m not convinced it’s updating.


Hello Rob,
This is how it goes with my setup:
Go to> manage sonictransport> apps> software manager> installed apps > this shows the server version.
Succes, Bert.


The NAA software is not on the sonicTransporter i7. That software is on the Endpoint. In my case, I use an ultraRendu so I have to update the software on the ultraRendu to get the latest NAA release. I do that the same way you do for your sonicTranspoter i7 except you access the ultraRendu manager.

Hello Winders,

When I access my endpoint, go to apps, HQPlayer NAA: I only can restart (NAA) HQPlayer.
HQPlayer%20NAA%20restart%20and%20version%20 I don’t know if this also does the update.

And this from the Sygnalist page> Main:

The server running HQPlayer Embedded does not update the endpoint. At least not in the case of the ultraRendu. Maybe you should be contacting the manufacturer of your endpoint.

Hi Bert, it’s the same process that we discussed here, except on your DAC instead of sonicTransporter:

How to update HQPlayer Embedded on my sonicTransporter i7

So on your DAC, go to apps and do the main software update for your DAC and it will check if there is any NAA update.

3.5.6 is up to date for NAA.

Embedded is up to v4.x but your NAA looks fine.

Hi Sean,
To prevent all misunderstandings for me the following screen prints of my server and streamer / dac as endpoint:

What is striking is that the software versions of both the sonicTransporter and the La Rosita are the same: 2.7

Just hit the same “Update” button and it will check for latest versions of already installed apps…

That looks perfectly normal to me… your DAC has a microrendu inside it, which runs sonicOrbiter OS also…

Hello Sean,
Thanks for your help and clear information:slightly_smiling_face:.

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