How to use a MBP with Roon installed with a different Roon [Answered]

I have a friend of mine who is using MBP with an Roon installed in his normal flat.
When he is traveling to his summer house there is also already another Roon installed in that network.
Will it be possible to use his MBP/Roon as a remote to the local Roon?
If so how?


It should work. when the MBP with Roon is attached to the local network the Summer House Roon is on, then go to settings and disconnect from the MBP server and then choose the other server to connect to.

Thanks for the answer

Do I understand this right. On a MBP that act both as a server and client it is possible to disconnect from that internal server and just use it as a client? If so, connecting back to the internal server when home again will I need to import a backup of the database or is it enough to just point the client to the same MBP as it is running on?


Yes, client = remote in Roon lingo. You just point to whatever Core you want. When it’s using its Core, you’re running ‘full Roon’, when an alternate Core, it’s just running as a remote. Nothing else to be done and it all works perfectly, as will reverting back.

When you are back at home and connected to your network with the music storage, disconnect from Summer House Roon and re-connect the MBP Roon and you should be good to go.

Many thanks