How to use a usb hard disk connected to Airport Extreme?

Hello everybody. I want to try Roon. I have a Macbook Pro that I want to use as a Roon Core. I have a usb disk connected to an Airport Extreme where I have all my music. However I do not see the disk whan I attempt to configure Roon. Is there a way to do it ? Thanks.

I know you can use a NAS connected to your network, but I think a USB drive needs to be connected directly to your Roon core device.

OK. Thanks.

Yes, as James says, if you stick the USB drive straight into the MacBook, or any other computer or NAS on your network, Roon should find it.

I would google SMB sharing on airport disk drive as a place to start. I don’t recall if airports support smb sharing or it’s only afp shares.

Airport sharing of disks is very slow tho so don’t expect great things.