How to use Convolution filters on a MAC used for RoonServer

I cannot seem to find the DSP section for controlling my RoonServer on my iPad that I use to control my RoonServer MAC mini?



Convolution Filters cannot be loaded via iPads. You need to use a computer endpoint.


Then please help out here…all my files are on my MAC Mini…that’s mostly used as headless…That’s what my iPad is for.

Then how do I use the Filters then? Do I need to change my Mini back to an Endpoint? I just don’t get it…

I hope you can explain it to me…



You need a Windows or MacOS computer as a control, not as an endpoint, when selecting the filters and controlling the DSP settings. Once set, they can work for an iOS endpoint. Remember, Roon does the DSP on the core, the endpoint is not involved, it just plays the data stream it gets, even if it was modified by DSP. The DSP limitation of the iPad version is user interface only, not processing.

So in your case, if you don’t have another machine to use, you can just open up Roon on the Mac you use as a core, select an endpoint (even an iOS endpoint if you want), set up the DSP filters, and you’re done. You don’t have to use the Mac as a control anymore.


Thanks for the reply!! However I am not using my iPad as an Endpoint…I am using it to control my MAC Mini that is used as a RoonServer…I guess I still don’t get it…I do use my IMAC in my Office as a Endpoint…I can use the MAC to control my RoonServer…any help there???

I’m still way lost…Dang, I have never had to learn so much just to listen to Music…I know I will get it figured out…But I’m not sure how just yet…

I have discovered that with my iPad I can get to adding Convolution Filters through the DSP settings…But this will not work? I can also get to the DSP engine with my iMAC…but I doubt that helps either?

Then you don’t have a problem.

If you are using the iMac in the office as an endpoint, you can also use it, temporarily, as a Remote, a user interface, to define the DSP filters you want. You can do that for the iMac endpoint, and for any other endpoint you might use (even the iPad if at some point in the future you decide to use it as an endpoint).

As you see in your current setup. The Core and the Remotes and the Endpoints are independent, they can run on different machines or on separate machines, and it is entirely dynamic. You can use the iMac as a Remote to control things, you can control how things play on the same iMac as an endpoint, of how things play on any other endpoint.

Once you have done that, you can use the iPad to control play, and the DSP settings you have made remain in effect.

Ok? You can make all kinds of DSP adjustments from the iPad, turn it on or off, select presets. The only limitation on the iPad is that it can’t be used to download filter files. That’s why you have to use the iMac (temporarily) to do that.


I like that first sentence…!! :smile: Thanks for the reply!!

OK, when Theirry sends me the files I will install them from my iMac. I also understand the current iPad limitation.

I can feel the lightbulb starting to illuminate…:wink: Now Thierry has sent me a Demo file of a song I sent him…is there a way I can listen to that through Roon?

I might actually get this eventually…

Thanks again!!

Sure. You need to load it onto Roon like any other content.
The easiest way is to drag-and-drop it (on the iMac) onto the face of Roon. Roon will transfer it to the Core and add it to the library. Who knows what name it will get; the easiest way to find it and play it is to select Albums, sorted by Date Added, and it will be the first thing, in the upper left corner. You can play it. If you want, you can Edit it, give it an album name like Thierry’s First Demo File, this makes it easier to find it in the future.

(As I have discussed elsewhere, Roon is identity-based system, everything has to have a name.)

The light is starting to actually shine a little…it’s all starting to maker sense…I just D/L them from DropBox to my Desktop on my iMac…drug them over to Roon…botta bing…I’m listening to the new files…and yes I will have to get in there and label them…What is so cool is I D/L them to my iMac …walked over to my iPad and there they are already …God I love Roon!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: