How to use DSP to make voices sound warmer

Hello, Noris:

I’ve played around with the parametric equalizer but actually I am finding the Sample Rate Conversion setting intriguing and have identified subtle differences using Smooth/Linear phase that has had a slight impact on reducing the degree of sibilance / harshness I had been hearing. Seems the default was Precise/Minimum and I’m not sure if you could make any recommendations regarding what setting might give a slightly warmer tone, especially to voices. Also (and based on all the time you have spent with me), I must tell you that I am heading out of town for 1-2 weeks due to an aging in-law medical crisis. But, I wanted to get back to you regarding where I am at this point. Also, Andrew at Small Green Computer has graciously agreed to send me an ultraRendu to compare with the microRendu to see if that might be the ticket to achieving audio nirvana for me. Thanks for hanging in there with me. John

Hi @John_Bolger,

I have split up your question to it’s own thread in the Roon Software section with the hopes that other users can chime in here for their preferred Roon DSP settings.

As for using the DSP functions, I suggest that you take a look at this youtube video which provides an overview how EQ works in general:

These kind of configuration changes are sometimes a “try it and see” kind of deal, what sounds better to one person’s ears may not sound better to everyone, I would try a few possible DSP variations until you find the one that suits your tastes the best.

Sorry to hear about the medical crisis with your relative, I hope things go well and that you have safe travels. Do keep us posted in case the ultraRendu changes anything when compared to the microRendu.


Hello, Noris and thank you for the response. I am very familiar with the functioning of an “analog” sound equalizer as I actually have a parametric equalizer within my subwoofer and years ago, actually provided sound support for musical acts in a college coffee shop.

I am much less familiar with digital processing, however, so I am trying to learn more about the differences I might expect from the “precise vs smooth” and “minimum phase vs linear phase.” If you could comment on these settings or direct me where I can find info, that would be appreciated.

Regarding the ultraRendu, I am finding it to yield an improved soundstage and more musical voices. There is still a degree of sibilance but much less and more tolerable.

Thank you for hanging in there with me.


Have a look at this ‘cheat’ sheet:

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