How to Use or Find Roon Focus in Android?

I am unable to use the Roon Focus feature on android phone. I need this feature to Focus on the 5.1 Hi-Res Multi Channel Albums I have. Am I missing something or the feature is absent from Android version?


it is indeed absent from the phone ui – it is available in the android tablet ui however.

there is a new ui in the works that unifies the experience between phone, tablet, and desktop… but that will take time and I have no timeline to share.

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For now, you can set the desired focus on desktop or tablet and create a bookmark.

The bookmark will be accessible from the Phone interface as well.


Hello, I just searched the web with this same question. Would be great if the ability to use focus would be implemented for Android phones.

I’ve been kind of circling around roon for months now and finally this morning I started a trial and have been messing about with it. It’s pretty great. Was honestly kind of hoping I would not like it based on price, but I do like it, a lot. It’s actually starting to look like a bargain. Even more so with Focus on my phone :joy: