How to use Spotify with Nuc running rock into RME ADI-2

Recently set up a Intel Nuc running Rock with an internal hardrive connected to a RME ADI-2 FS connected directly to my amp. Very pleased with the results.
Is there a way to use Spotify with this set up?
I like Spotify to use in my car and like the integration with Shazam. But having built up a huge playlist with my Shazams , I like to listen to it when just wanting background music and not serious listening.
Any help is appreciated.

As far as I know, there is no way of installing Spotify on a Nuc running Rock. I think your best bet is to use a different device as a Spotify source and connect it to one of the digital inputs of the Dac. I think a chromecast audio would work for this, though they are discontinued by google.

Here’s a way. Another would be using an endpoint running, for example, RopieeeXL.

did you ever get your bluetooth entry point to work. Looks like a good solution.

it isn’t mine, it’s @Jan_Koudijs’s… he’s working on it right now, that answer was from a few days back. You can follow his progress right here.

thanks for the link

Not real tech savy here.
I using the Ropieee I assume you would need a Raspberry Pi. Do you know if you can attach that directly to the NUC via usb or would you have to disconnect the NUC from the Dac and attach the Paspberry Pi to the Dac when you want to use Spotify?

That’s fine, it’s pretty easy. If you can snap together a set of lego (the 5 piece ones, nothing fancy) and use a screwdriver (here again, nothing fancy, think “change a lightbulb”) then you can probably build a Raspberry-based streamer.



You connect the Raspberry, rather than the NUC, to your DAC. The RaspBerry needs to be on the same network as your NUC. How you hook it up is up to you.

The alternative to all this would be for you to purchase a bluetooth to S/PDIF bridge, something like so, and hook that up to a free input on your dac. You’d then stream to that from Spotify, and switch inputs from your DAC.

Great info. Just what I need.