How to use Tidal

Hi - I just signed up for Tidal, and signed in through the Roon software.

That said - i cannot find any way to directly access tidal, and when i browse, most of the Tidal library doesn’t show up. For example, i searched for “The Who” - and only my albums, plus a couple of weird covers, showed up. None of the major albums that i don’t happen to have digitally, and i KNOW are on Tidal. Example: Face Dances.

I need a basic tutorial on “go here, here or here to configure and access Tidal within Roon”.

Thanks. If this exists as a topic, please point me there.


Here’s my phone view of The Who.
First screenshot shows my own and Tidal albums I’ve added into my room library.

Then scrolling down all of the other The Who albums that I haven’t added to my room library are listed 29 if them. Then singles etc.

Is this what you see?

Is that pretty much what i see? No. I see my library. Pretty much period.
When i say “my library” - i mean albums I own on CD and have ripped, or digitized (rare)

Now you mentioned “Tidal albums I’ve added into my room library”.

How do you add them? Again, i have found no reference at all to Tidal, except to log in. Not in settings, not in browsing mode, not in the menu.

I’d like to begin with “how does one access Tidal through Roon” and “where int he menu tree do i find configuration settings for Tidal?” Basics.


A bit more - here is one screenshot. To get this i selected “all albums”.

Note it says 8 / 342. Its very unclear from this (like much of Roon’s interface!), but I’ll assume that means i have 342 albums in my library (sounds roughly correct). This clearly falls short of Tidal’s library :slight_smile:

I do have “show only my library” radio button turned off.

You have now exhausted my knowledge of how to use Tidal in Roon.

The Who - incomplete

Hi @Just_Me,

Checkout the The Knowledge Base it’s a good reference for new and experienced users alike.


Thanks Carl. So why, when i went to the support link, and typed in “Tidal” did this not come up? - just a very few tangentially related topics.

You might pas on to power that be that having a manual or help link when we sign up would be a minimum decent practice…


I believe i noted that in the menu there was no mention of Tidal.

Carl pointed me to the KB where i read up, and it told me that i go to Menu --. Tidal. Huh?

This time (an hour later) it is there. Let me be very clear. IT WAS NOT PRESENT IN THE MENU BEFORE, AND I WAS LOGGED IN.

Is there some delay? Must it build some index? Put Tidal there and say "indexing!!!. Drove me nuts and wasted a LOT of time.


@support please note.

I and others have been asking for a prominent RKB link right here at the top of every forum page. I know it was attempted but it broke the forum… however, I feel it was abandoned too early.

If Tidal is not a main menu option, then it suggests that the Roon Core is not aware of a valid Tidal account sign in.

Just as a sanity check could you list, in detail, steps you used to sign into Tidal (Obviously not account details / password).

I would then suggest the following steps diagnostic/ recovery steps …

  • Roon Settings —> Services—> Tidal —> Logout.
  • Reboot the Roon Core

Once Roon the Roon Core is running again…

  • Roon Settings —> Services—> Tidal —>
    And re-enter your Tidal account details again.
    Note how this goes and watch out for anything unusual.

Once that done, double check on the

  • Roon Settings —> Services Page that it details Roon is signed in to Tidal.

I could note my steps, but it would be pointless because, with no further action, less than an hour later, it suddenly appeared. I thought i made that clear, sorry if i did not. I was signed in from the beginning. It showed my account. It let me choose a streaming quality. Yet nothing appeared in the menu. Nothing. (read above). I searched. I searched settings. I searched “audio”.

Then, after checking the KB (as i noted with exclamation points) it is suddenly there. SOMETHING HAPPENED FOR 20-40 minutes. I do now know what. Indices updated. Something.

Anyway, later i can settle down and play with it.


Sorry I missed that, maybe all UPPERCASE text in your post distracted me from reading your comments properly.

There isn’t normally a delay, the TIDAL menu option should appear immediately. It is possible the Core was “busy” or authorisation back from the Tidal servers was slow for some reason.

@support might be able to help, if you can give them the approximate timing of events.

Anyhow, glad you‘re up and running now with Tidal.
It’s late here … so time for me to turn in for the night.

Hello all.

Now i have basic access to TIDAL in the interface, and am slowing learning it. I am a bit confused on one item though: when i look at, for example, an artist, it seems that the TIDAL section omits any albums that i already have and own. This is both a weird UI features, and poses very specific problems.

Example: Pink Floyd. In the TIDAL section it shows 25+ albums, mostly old and obscure. It does not show Dark Side, The Wall, Welcome to…, etc – all albums I own.

So why do I care? Well, maybe one is HD/MQA and I want to hear that version. or maybe i am still testing TIDAL ( I am) and want to compare the sound quality of my own FLAC rips with TIDAL streams. It is not clear, and certainly not easy, to do this.

Can anyone shed some light on the basics?

TIA. I am enjoying the depth of library and TIDAL’s features to introduce me to new music and some vry deep playlists (7 hours on the history of the blues…).


You are seeing correct and intended behavior. Roon will not display Tidal albums that are duplicates of ones already in your library. Instead, if you go into that album, there is a Tracks/Credit/Version tab. Click on the version tab and all the duplicate versions from streaming services will be listed there.

thanks. I don’t much like the answer, but that’s how it is!

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