How to view 'artist' list when it seems hidden

Can’t seem to get ‘Various Artists’ to appear in my artist list.

Settings / General Sort compilations by ‘Artist Album’. ‘Sort compilations by’ then appears and I can ‘various artists’. But this isn’t fixing it.?. I even went in and made sure the album has an album artist tag that says various artists. I’ve even added a compilation tag and set it to 1. This still isn’t the solution after a re-scan.

I have two separate ‘artists’ in Sonos. “Various Artists” and “Soundtracks”. This greatly cleaned up my artist list and removed a lot of one song artists.

I, then, moved them all to _Various Artists and _Soundtracks because this moves them up to the front of the list where I can access them much easier. My preference.

Many of my originally tagged soundtracks got moved into “Various Artists” by Roon. I understand. I want to go into their ‘edit album’ > ‘primary artist link’ and move them to “_Soundtracks”.

THE PROBLEM - my ‘Various Artists’ no longer shows in the artist list. How can I get to these albums so that I can edit their album info?

Maybe a bulk way of changing “Various Artists” to “_Various Artists”? Edit the naming?

The method of filling in false information into file tags to abuse the sort mechanism of simpler, file tags only, based software doesn’t go well with software like Roon that relies on external metadata databases and makes use of file tags only (on default settings) to identify tracks/albums. You can use Roon Tags to organize your music collection and/or use Bookmarks to save a given view on your library.

You can always find your Various Artists albums by filtering (use the funnel symbol top right) for “Various Artists” in the Album Browser. If you need to do that often, you can save this view as a bookmark (dynamic) or mark the albums with a tag (static) that you can access then from the Tag Browser or the album browser (the label symbol).
You can also use the Focus tool to find Soundtracks (based on the Album Type) and Compilations (based on the Compilation flag) but keep in mind that neither of those two categories is limited to “Various Artists” albums only. Again you can make use of tags and bookmarks to ease access to them in the future.

Note: Bulk edits are already possible for many common use cases.

AFAIK, “Various Artists” was never a primary album artist that Roon showed in the Artist Browser.

If you have the time, please read the Roon User Guide (it also has a search function top right). It contains many useful information for new users. If something can’t be found in the guide or is unclear, feel free to post your question here on the forum – preferably after you used the forum search top right to find out if this question got already asked and answered in the past.

Stay save.

I understand the more powerful Roon database and it’s supposed simplicity. Unfortunately, it is not correct often enough. Given we all find our music differently, it would be nice to be able to resort things. Having said that, I know Roon has their own way.

I guess my problem boils down to this… I can’t use the filter for various artists or compilations because it finds nothing (not any ONE of my 98 compilations / various artists). Focus does not find them either.

I have resorted to printing out all albums in my Various Artists FOLDER in my file structure, entering the title in ‘search’ and then editing the meta dent within Roon (using their non-abusive manner).

That’s all. But thanks. I’ll get there. BTW, did look at past posts and the User Guide. Always my first sources before I post.

You can try to focus on unidentified albums or if you changed your Import Settings, try changing them back to the default settings.

There are 3rd party taggers that make the process quicker. Mp3tag manually and songkong which is automated

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There seem to be some albums that just can’t be brought up.

I have the time so I did it all manually. Looking quite good. I’m very happy. It’s helping me to understand how things work ‘under the hood’. Except for the weird errant albums, here and there…

Thank you, BlackJack and hickman

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Songkong was a good hint, never heard of it before. Bought it and already in a test flight.


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