How uninstall Roon Core on broken laptop (cannot open or access anything)?

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The laptop containing my Roon Core is broken (cannot open or access anything)!!!
QUESTION: Since I cannot access Roon or anything on broken-laptop to uninstall Roon … how do I install Roon Core on my New Laptop?

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Janes (Jim) Wassilaskus
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You can install the Roon core on multiple computer devices, so I think you can just install it. During the install, somewhere in the process it will ask you to deactivate your old core and activate your new core. I don’t know for sure what will happen here, but I think you’ll be OK. People do this all the time, for instance, when they have a second computer and core at a vacation home and they have shut down their first core at home.

Here’s the issue. Do you have a Roon backup on a USB drive that you can use to restore your new device after you install Roon. If not, you will be starting from scratch on your new core. Make sure you use your same Roon account name, email address, password, etc.

As I typed this, I wondered if you could actually name your new core the same as your old core since it is gone. That, I don’t know. I think I would treat it as a second core with a new device name.

WoW…thank you very much Jim for the very prompt and thorough reply/suggestion. Appreciated.

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