How use a excel (exported to excel) back in roon?

We have a nice option to export a playlist into excel but no way to move it back in roon ?
I am missing something ?

I want a backup of my playlist to avoid to loose them if I reinstall roon or something like that.
Any tricks ?

If you strip out everything except the file/path, save it as a text file wit a .m3u extension and place it in a roon watched folder, roon will import it. You can then convert it to a roon format playlist. Playback order is lost, though.

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Yes that work.
The name of the file give the name of the playlist.

For Roon reinstallation … use the Roon database backup / restore feature… it backs up everything except the music files themselves).

Thanks for the trick. I have a SSD and my database is 13gb. Roon take a good 45 sec to open … I wonder why roon copy the big folder picture in it’s database. The small one, ok for the performance but the big is already in each of my folders.