How work Roon arc to transfer music to a dac in other floor?


Avec une tablette ou téléphone cellulaire est-ce que Roon ARC peut transférer le son d’un Silent Angel M1T ou ordinateur directement à un dac situé à un autre étage ?

It does’n seem Roon Arc run with ipad tablet. Will it work soon ?

Do with a cell or tablet with ARC sound would be transfer directly to a dac in an other floor ? Does it need other gear to transfer music ?

If it need a cell necessarily, what kind of cell ? Does it need special features ?

What is the cost of Roon ARC ? Can it be added to a lifetime Roon subscription ?


Roon ARC works on iPhones and iPads. It just doesn’t quite fill up the iPad screen as of yet. You can attach a DAC to your phone or tablet via a wired connection. There is no extra cost for Roon ARC. It is included in your Roon subscription. You may need a camera adapter to attach your DAC to your iDevice.

Roon ARC is for using Roon when away from home, usually over cellular. For using Roon at home from one floor to another, use Roon with a Roon Ready device over your home network, ethernet or WIFI. If your device is not Roon Ready, you can use a Roon bridge device such as a Raspberry Pi 4 (with or without a HAT) running RoPieee or RoPieeeXL.

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As i undserstand, i need a second Roon Ready device as Raspberry or Roon rock or Silent Angel M1T and the cell will not send music directly to a dac on other floor. Isn’t it ? Does it run by wi fi or by a cable link ?

As i can see it is possible to link an Ipad to a dac via usb cable. Or Ipad to a Roon ready device by usb cable. I need more information.



This (10 char).

Hi Jac

You use cellphone only if your network does not reach the other floor. As Jim said ARC is mainly for outside your home network. If you only have wifi and the connection is poor to your other floor you can use ARC.
Best setup for your Core+end points is to use ethernet. Best connection for the core is directly to your router. If that is not possible just try to have all of them on the same switch and network. Starting from here you work with what you have, use wifi and it might work or use ARC when the wifi is poor.
You can connect dacs to iPad, I do not know if you can connect Roon Ready device by usb. Roon Ready usually are the devices that use Ethernet to pull the music, Roon Tested are the Dacs that are working with roon usually over USB. So yes you can connect a Roon Tested device to your iPad.

If you have a second Roon Ready device it needs connectivity. Best is to have them on the same network as your house. Best by Ethernet than Wi fi. If you cannot do that than you will use ARC.
Just tell me where we can help

Could a Rapsberry PI 4 be replaced by a Logitech Squeezebox touch ? How this device could be installed on Roon running on a Silent Angel M1T ?

I think the answer is yes, but I’m not really familiar with a Squeezebox.