How would I make my Roon home setup work on the go?

Hey all,

Currently have a Sonictransporter as my Roon Core, UltraRendu as streamer/bridge/NAA, and then my computer as my HQPlayer 4 Desktop workhorse.

Then i control Roon through my iphone.

I’m looking to get some IEMs and a mobile setup.

How do I keep my setup but implement it to be mobile?

My guess is that my Roon Core stays the same, but I would make my mobile device my streamer/remote, and then switch my HQPlayer 4 on my desktop to the network of my DAC? The only problem is that it means I would need to be connected to my network through wifi or ethernet right?

How do I solve this problem and what’s my best move going forward?

My budget for my mobile setup NOT including the IEMs is $1,000.



I don’t think it is possible right now.

Wait for the promised on the roadmap roon mobile solution.

for now the best compromise is to use Zerotier