How would you hook up my system without breaking the bank?

Hi Everyone,

New to Roon and I was looking for suggestions on how to set up my system and what connections to use, USB, Optical, Digi?? etc… I have an old 2012 Mac mini and a newer windows laptop I could use either as the core and I need to use WIFi (no ethernet in either room), 2- Project Pre-Box S2 Digital preamp dac’s (one for the main system and one for the bedroom), Vintage Mcintosh PRE and Amp in my main system and for the bedroom another Vintage Mcintosh 2 channel amp. Do I need two bridges and if so what ones can be had cheap? Under $300, maybe?? How would you hook this system up on a budget and what connections would you use? Thanks, John

Yes, you need a RoonBridge for each endpoint (Zone) unless one of the endpoints is hanging off the Core machine. In that case, Core will act as output.

To start, most people use an RPi’s USB output with Ropieee OS to the S2 Digital…

You can connect your S2 directly by USB to your core at your main system and use just one rpi4 with Roepiee OS for the bedroom. I had been using DietPi OS but having just set up my Roepiee rpi4, I can say that it is really easy in 10 minutes or less to do. Be aware that the quality of your wifi to your bedroom will dictate whether you can successfully stream DSD material there without dropouts. I have a wifi Orbi satellite in our bedroom so my rpi4 with Roepiee streams DSD material wirelessly to my S2 there without a problem. In other parts of our home, I’ve gone ethernet over cable TV coax (for which an outlet was in every room), which absolutely solves poor wifi (ethernet over powerline would not work for me.) Good luck! JCR