Howlin' Wolf Memphis Sessions

I have 4 albums from Howlin’ Wolf and The Memphis Sessions album is creating it’s own “Howlin’ Wolf” artist and Roon isn’t grouping this album with the others. The others, for example The Back Door Wolf", shows up under the proper Howlin’ Wolf artist page and the artist has a review and tags, etc.

In other words, I have 2 artists named Howlin’ Wolf. One album under one and 3 under the proper one.

The Memphis Sessions artist has no information or tags, but does manage to bring up his picture. The album is found ie. not undefined, it just doesn’t have the right Howlin’ Wolf.

Is any of this making sense?

Funny thing is I can’t find Memphis Sessions on Allmusic, but it is on Musicbrainz. So, is Roon taking metadata from 2 different sources? The Back Door Wolf is on Allmusic.

One difference I noticed is that these 2 websites use different apostrophes after Howlin. If I look at the 2 artists in Roon named Howlin’ Wolf, they also have 2 different apostrophes.

Any help combining this album with the other would be appreciated.