How's it all going then?

Hi All,

I’ve been very inactive in these pages recently, and just enjoying what Roon offers, not really thinking about what it doesn’t do and what it could do better.

Frankly speaking, everything’s been fine. I’m finding the real catharsis has been to avoid these pages, and to get on with listening to music and enjoying life.

Roon’s great, really.

Thought I’d share :slight_smile:



Well, if you want to get involved in curating the up coming Roon Internet Radio project, things will get even better even faster…

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This reminds me a little bit of this time honoured kids game - knocking on someone’s door and running away. :grinning: Spoil you inner child :wink:
The real fun starts when they chase!

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Haha. Well… i was a bit of a negative nelly latterly in the forum. Began to realise it wasn’t healthy.


All is well. It’s Tom Petty night…:grinning:

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I took a few weeks off myself. A break never hurts.

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Hey your twin brother was posting a lot, he’s a real downer kind of guy… :v:

Hijacked account mate! All’s good now :wink:

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I’m off on holiday so may decide to leave this place alone for a couple of weeks. I’ll miss Roon UAPP is not a replacement at all.

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