How's Roon / Tidal going to react to Apple and Amazon lossless for no extra charge?

Not sure how this affects but feels Tidal / Roon need to figure something …


The first nail…I don’t see how Tidal can survive this. I’m all for it as I’m tired of paying for multiple platforms. I vote for a speedy integration of Apple music.


That should rather read “for a speedy integration of Roon into Apple” - the company that is :smiley:
Unlikely that Apple opens its database up to Roon or anyone else for that matter.

Question is, if Tidal dies (which seems to be plausible), what happens to Roon if the big boys (AMZ / APPL) won’t open things up…?

Roon, with it’s fantastic RAAT protocol, streams content to all connected audio devices.
However, Roon’s ecosystem is dependent on content, local and streaming.

Without content, who needs Roon?!

It depends. If Apple can’t handle my 300k track local library, I would need Roon.

Apple Music can probably handle it, just as long as there’s no FLAC, and I’m not converting (even if the process can be mostly automated).

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