HP Microserver G10

That’s one of the posts - there are others there too.
It looks like it might be useful for Roon. The significant increase in performance and reduction in noise caught my eye.

I plan to use a HP Proliant ML10 Gen9 (the Xeon Version) as my Roon Core (and some other things) the Price Performance of these things is pretty good. The Microserver would be a bit to small for my Use Case but is a nice piece of hardware too.

yes looks like it fits in the same capacity niche as the older G9 / G8 models i.e. between a Mac mini/Nuc and a ‘proper’ server.

So 6 disks total with 4 x 3.5 and 2 x 2.5 - over the top for a most music collections I guess but if you store other media then maybe not.

The Opteron X3421 scores 5108 Points in the Passmark Benchmark, the small NUC7i5BNK with its i5-7260U scores 5748 Points, i know Bench Scores arent everything but Power wise is the MS G10 not very beefy. It´s meant as a small File Server.

The Microserver G10 comes with a CPU that is soliderd to the Mainboard and doesn´t Support ECC Memory, that makes Upgrading tricky if there are any Plans.

Thanks for the perf comparison Steffen - good to know where it stands cf the NUC

I was thinking more about the ability to have multiple disks in a relatively quiet and compact chassis.

My server performance benchmark is my current N40 G8 - a much older device and as slow as you would expect. But still useful to me as a basic server. An N40 wouldn’t be any use for Roon of course.