HQ Player 4 and Liberty DAC DSD

Hi all,

I just purchased HQ Player 4 and have a Liberty DAC. Any suggestions on getting it to DSD 256? I can run DSD 256 on Roon with no problems, but when I do in HQP4, it either won’t play at all or the sound plays very slowly. I have been experimenting with WASABI and ASIO and both play DSD 128 with no problem. I am running a Ryzen PC, so the PC itself could be too blame. Any suggestions from anyone about HQP4 settings with the Liberty DAC?

Screenshot of your HQPlayer settings would likely help!

Thanks, Jussi! Sorry for not including all of my info - my bad.

My PC is Windows-10 Pro. The Mytek Liberty is attached to the PC via USB and the music is contained on internal hard drives.

I am running a Ryzen 5 2400g with 16 gb of RAM. I have a Radeon videocard RX-570.

Here are the screen shots.

First thing, set “SDM Pack” to “None”, when using ASIO driver capable of native DSD. Like in this case.

I’d also set “Multicore DSP” to grayed (auto) instead of trying to force it all on. Also for CUDA offload, for starters I would leave it disabled and enable it later. Makes troubleshooting easier.

Non-critical details, but good to check, if you have enough CPU power, I’d start with ASDM5EC modulator. If not, then ASDM5.

CUDA is Nvidia only.

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Jussi, when I set SDM pack to none, I get PCM, not DSD.

Are you running RoonBridge on the machine?

Please check that the DAC is not enabled as output at Roon side. Otherwise the two will conflict…

How exactly would I check for that, Jussi?

Roon -> Settings -> Audio

Then you can enable/disable outputs.

No…I don’t even know what that is.

Jussi, I have done what you suggested. I did have my DAC set up as an output, other than HQP. I disabled that, but it made no difference. When I click on “none” for DOP, I only get PCM upsampling, not DSD. When I try to change from 44.1/128 DSD to 44.1/256 DSD, the file plays extremely slowly. DSD 128 runs fine, so I guess I will go with that. Disappointed - I thought my PC and DAC where up to the task of DSD 256. It does with Roon, but not what HQP4.

Something is misbehaving, but I don’t have any recent Mytek hardware to test with. So I cannot help further on this, sorry.