HQ Player - a few questions

Funny you should say that, the DSP correction was the last thing I did in the room. Its a tricky room, with one speaker essentially in a bay window, see picture below, this gives uneven bass output. The speaker to the right backs up against window and plaster board, with the speaker on the left in relative open space. I ended buying speakers with closed backs with no rear ports, this helps alot.

In the second picture you can see my acoustic panels. I might even buy another panel for the wall to the left as you look at the speakers, but still trying to get that past my other half.

Wow, you have done amazingly well in that space.

I dont know if you have considered moving the panel tv above the fireplace to bring that spesker on the right further in?

Ok then the graphs he’s sent you are definitely the ‘predicted’ results.

I would imagine you would just re-run the exactly same REW measurements that you did initially, to compare before and after?

But asking him is a good idea. I’m sure he would encourage verification. It’s always a good idea.

As mentioned, even Dirac doesn’t have a verification feature built-in. A similar discussion at the link below. I think the OP was happy in the end but it is best to verify, not just trust pretty looking ‘predicted’ curves:


Let us know how you go!

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I am not sure my other half would go for it, well, actually I am sure she wouldn’t! I did lobby hard to have the TV on the wall to the left of the left speaker (out of the picture). But I lost that battle. I wouldn’t have many of these problems if I had won! I keep telling her I am selfless…

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Hi @dabassgoesboomboom - Henry got back to me really quickly, and on a Sunday! He has given me the process to follow and I will have a go this evening (hopefully)!

I can post up the process if people are interested.

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First class support there.

I’d definitely be interested!

Here are the instructions!

Hello Ross,

To perform measurements with correction filters in place, you need to use the indirect method that is described below, together with the attached sweep files.

Kind regards,


REW Measurement procedure using an external player for the sweep files

- download the sweep signals and add them in a play list (attached wav files for left & right channels)
- start REW and configure your microphone
- select “Measure” option and configure the panel with following options

** SPL*
** start Freq : 20 Hz*
** end freq : 20 000 Hz*
** length : 256k*
** “use acoustic timing reference”*
** “wait for timing reference”*
** the other parameters can be left as default*

- press “Start measuring” : REW will wait for a sync signal that is embedded in the attached sweep signal. As REW will play as well its own test signal when you press “Start measuring” , you must find a way to make sure this test signal will not be audible : the easiest way is to choose the internal card of your computer as output device (Preferences menu) and put your computer volume at zero

- play the left channel sweep signal (_L_refL) from your player and check that the level measured by REW is in the acceptable range (make sure the player stop after the file reading to not disturb the measurement)

- rename the measurement (L1 for instance)

- repeat the procedure for the right channel ( _R_refR) by playing the right sweep signal


Is the Holo May DAC one that does support 48k DSD? If so, what does checking 48k DSD do?

Likely it does, since Spring 2 does (Spring 1 doesn’t).

DACs claim to support also 48k-base DSD if they support 48k-base PCM. Most ASIO drivers on Windows filter these out. When unchecked, HQPlayer also filters out 48k-base DSD rates even if DAC claims to support it (most actually don’t). Checking the box actually let’s these 48k-base claimed rates to become visible and available.

One of the things 48k DSD support enables is closed form filters in HQP for 48k family source material.

I have an Exogal Comet which according to the specs (https://www.exogal.com/products/comet-dac) should do DSD128 on USB

Using HQP with SDM as Default Output and bitrate limit of 44.1/128 I get silence from the DAC unless I have Adaptive Output Enabled, when it switches to PCM. In Roon signal path shows the correct DSD info to accopany the silence

Sounds like the DAC doesn’t actually do DSD !!

Does anyone have any other ideas??

If you read the full specifications PDF document, you will see that DSD128 requires DoP.

you can download it on the website you are referring to.


And now it works with DoP enabled

If in doubt … RTFM !!! :rofl: :rofl:

Many thanks @anon90297517, most grateful