HQ Player and TotalDAC

Hi Jussi,

Thanks for your reply, in the NAA implemented in RAAT? topic, much appreciated.

I was talking to Vincent from Totaldac and he replied:

The d1-server is an ARM based Cubox mini computer.

Can you give any comment if d1-server may work with HQ Player NAA from your prospective?


I wonder which CuBox version it has inside, the older with Marvell SoC, or the newer CuBox-i with Freescale SoC? I had also the older variant as NAA for some time, but the newer -i model is much better hardware. Next question would be how the DAC is actually connected to the CuBox hardware. It could possibly work just by replacing the microSD with OS variant that has NAA software component installed. If it has CuBox-i, then I have a full NAA OS image available, matter of writing to the microSD and booting up.

Hello TotalDac users out there,

I don’t know why it took me so many years to actually try the embedded HQPlayer in my SonicTransporter. Or I do, just other things to do. Or maybe because I tried to use several Roon DSP feature but with mixed results, ending up with using no Roon DSP at all because I finally didn’t like it sonically.

So I thought HQPlayer would be just another DSP leading to the same result - I was wrong!

Actually it sounds absolutely fabulous in my chain. Playing around with the filters/shapers/dithers is critical for getting the best combination of HQPlayer and the DAC, and your personal sound preference. Remember TotalDac natively works with 176/24 resolution.

So for all TotalDac users out there I share my HQPlayer configuration below. Eager if there are other TotalDac users out there with similar experiences, and eager which HQPlayer configuration you use.


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