HQ player, benefits

Can someone please explain the benefits of adding an HQ player and if it is worth the addition. I currently run Roon on a Nucleus plus to a Linn Selekt DSM/Katalyst DAC, which streams "Through Linn Selekt streaming’’ I never use Air Play, and which one is recommended and where to trial first.


Firstly, if you stream via Roon then HQPlayer wont work for you. HQPlayer or it’s endpoint software would need to be on your Linn player. The only way to do it would be to forego the Ethernet input on the Linn for an alternative input and get a NAA enabled device to feed the Linn player. So first decide if you want a radical re-think of your setup or even to get rid of the Linn.
Secondly there won’t be much out there to improve on your streamer.

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I am using Roon+Linn Selekt DSM/Katalyst DAC. I tried HQPe+NAA last week. The sound on the USB interface has improved, but the maximum can only be pcm192. Currently using Roon’s own DSP upscaling to DSD128, the sound is good.

… due to the pc low performance I suppose, as I can do up to asdm5/DSD512 or ASDM7ECv2/DSD128 with HQPe OS and raspb/Ropieee XL/NAA or PCM384000 with any filter/modulator.
… I’m using a Nuc10i3 …

The USB interface of Linn Selekt DSM supports up to PCM192, and the network interface supports DSD128. Linn’s network interface does not support NAA…