HQ Player cant see NAA on endpoint

I have roon installed and through roonbridge i can play music in another room with no issues - the DAC is seen and the zone works

However i cannot get HQ player to see the NAA and allow to choose the DAC on the input menu

My friend who is pretty savey with linux networks roon and hq player cannot fathom why HQP cannot see the NAA - all firewalls off on sky router and Win 10 - IP address etc all fixed - box is definately on network as i can alter menu in audiolinux installed on NAA box …

Does anyone know the solution to this configuration problem?

Many many thanks


As the ‘linux savvy’ user @Paul_Carroll mentions I’ll add a bit more troubleshooting detail

Endpoint runs Audiolinux and is attached via USB to a Chord Hugo TT

With Roonbridge enabled on the endpoint, Roon control will identify and configure the Hugo as a Zone in the normal way

With NAA enabled and running on the endpoint, in the Ouput Device dropdown in File>Settings on HQP the Hugo is not seen

Endpoint reports correctly that Hugo is attached via USB Card0

All firewall etc etc turned off

v4 of NAA and v4 of HQP Desktop

All and any ideas welcome !

Does the version of Audiolinux you are running have a configuration entry for the Hugo TT in ALSA ?

Edit: Actually, that can’t be the problem or Roon Bridge wouldn’t work either.

Tried running HQP on a separate laptop still same issue - HQP cannot see NAA

All I can suggest is shutting everything down, then restarting in an order such that when the HQPlayer program starts the NAA is already up and running and connected to a DAC that is on with the correct input selected.

Looks like it’s a network issue

Ethernet over mains just doesn’t cut it !!

Long Cat7 cable coming and swapped out AL for a microRendu so will feedback how it goes

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