HQ Player discussion thread

Hello again, Jonny,

You may notice several solutions to stoppages, i.e., restarting HQPlayer, or for some restarting both roon and HQPlayer. If stoppages occur frequently, it gets tedious. BUT, SQ when stoppages cease and tracks play through without interruptions is highly enjoyable. This, I imagine, will all get sorted out eventually as roon support staff are not idle and Jussi Laako is in a perpetual state of implementing HQPlayer.

Only you know what ducks must be in order before committing to an application. I am there already; and for my part, don’t regret upgrading roon and integrating with HQPlayer as the SQ is so satisfying.

Wishing you good fortune along the way to sorting out your priorities. And by all means, enjoy the music,

There are still issues with the Beta and MACs. Acknowledged by the developer at the CA forum. Likely just beta issues.

Are your HQP install and your Roon install on the same machine? If so, “localhost” is correct. If not, then you need to write in the home network IP of your HQP install.

Another technique some of you can try is to put in a delay on playback in Roon. The slight hesitation between connection and between tracks may enable the programs to work better together.

Roon 64 and HQPlayer beta refuse to work together on my Windows 10 64. I have no issues with the HQPlayer or Roon playing separately. There must be one little thing hanging up the connection.

Has the updated iOS Roon been released? I’m eagerly waiting to control
my roon server/hqplater combo from my ipad. Is there a workaround?

The wait caused by the App Store approvals is very frustrating…

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Probably will take even longer than the last update due to the App Store being closed during Christmas.


I also have the HQ trial as well as the Roon trial.
Finally got sound from HQ but no integration with Roon.
Is there a simple How-To document to make this work?
There is so much information on these forums and not all of us are at the same level in understanding how this software works.
Might have to go back to my more simple Amarra’s and A+!


The simple document is at the top of this topic.
Did you install 3.12 Beta of HQP? You need 3.12 (it’s still in beta) to get integration with Roon.

Yes, thank you.
I am confused about the zones… Core vs non core… Can’t find the Signal Path that others show in this forum.
I will look at the document.

I changed the icon on the bottom right from my DAC to HQ but now get a message that 'Transport could not connect to HQ"

Document is well done or I am a genius. Success.
Thanks for the help


When all else fails, reinstall Roon. It Worked ! Roon is now working with the HQPlayer.

Maybe it’s a little from column A, little from column B :wink:

It wasn’t the reinstall action that fixed things. I discovered that Roon has to be started first-then start HQPlayer. This is what finally got things working on my computer. I was starting HQPlayer first.

I love solving these puzzles :grinning:

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I finally got DSD128 to work when playing 16/44.1 files but absolutely no luck playing a 24/192 file. I’m using a MacMini (late 2012 w/ 16gb ram), major stuttering going on… and still a little stuttering on DSD64 too.

Personally I like the poly-sinc-mp-2s filter with my Unison Research CDDue DAC.

But I honestly think HQP is a non-starter for me if I constantly have to go into adjust setting or disable it if I want to play 24/192… Let alone using the library shuffle feature with HQP could be a nightmare.

Hopefully these are just bugs that will get worked out, but it’s not there yet for 100% usage in Roon, let alone spending $200 for a license… At the moment.

In HQPlayer you can set all your output to PCM 24/192, even for DSD.
In this way you will be able to employ also poly-sinc-mp (no 2s) because it would be less demanding on PC resources.

Yes, but wouldn’t I want to output 16/44.1 files to either 176.4 or 352.8 not at 192 or 384?

Also I’ve noticed slight clicks/pops that run though out a song (not all songs though, ref. Adele - Send My Love as an example where every 20 seconds a little tick sound appears) using 352.8/384 on 16/44.1 files. I’m guessing that its not liking the 8x upsampling? (4x clicks/pops are gone)

But when spending $200 I would like both DSD and PCM to work flawless, without having to do a lot of back and forth on adjusting settings.

One of the things that pushed me to not yet get HQP was the tinkering. The setting I had working best for redbook sounded crappy for 24/192 and visa versa. I got tired quickly of setting and resetting attributes for each song since I’m not the kind of listener that just plays an album. I wonder is there someway to setup default filter settings by file type? I did not see that in the settings.

If you have problems upsampling PCM 4x or 8x, your system might have some instability, which probably itìs not due to HQPlayer. The necessary resources for this simple upsampling are low.
You could upsample all to 192 or 384 kHz because HQPlayer algorithms are fine.

By setting output to PCM to 4x (or 8x) and enable DirecSDM, you would have your PCM tracks upsampled and your DSD tracks left untouched.

The price of $200 does not refer to HQPlayer, I suppose… eventually, ask me :innocent: