HQ Player for Genelec 8341

I know that Genelec 8341 is not recommended hardware for HQ Player but I wanted to use HQ Player for the loudness function and it seems stupid not to use HQ Player’s upsampling at the same time instead of Roon’s.

The 8341 has a max sampling rate of 96kHz and most likely does “something” to the signal once it enters the speaker. I have read that the tweeter uses 96kHz while the mid and bass only uses 48kHz. The dacs inside seems to be AKM. I use the speakers with the AES/EBU connection.

Does anybody have recommended settings in HQ Player for Genelec 8341? I read somewhere that @dabassgoesboomboom has a pair of Genelec 8341. Do you use HQ Player with them?

And a separate question. I have had the trail version of HQ Player installed before on my system. I have installed it again but the client does not seem to open. Is there a time limit on the trail version apart from the 30 minutes of playback?

Just send it 96 kHz signal always. This way you avoid extra sample rate conversions in the speakers.

No, there are no other technical limitations. In addition, Client doesn’t impose any trial limitations.

Check your display drivers, Client needs functioning OpenGL support.

Yeh for music listening I use HQPlayer with them, to have HQPlayer resample everything to 96k but more important HQPlayer’s convolution engine for room correction.

I use Audiolense XO to generate the room correction files which then get important into HQPlayer.

Audiolense XO is significantly more powerful than GLM - 65k taps ! Especially important for corrections under 500 Hz.

For video viewing, I use a zero latency convolver on macOS, so there’s no lip sync issue. HQPlayer DSP adds delay to audio which is not a problem for music only.

I use intergraed graphics Intel HD 3000. I’m not sure how to check but searching online there seems to be some problems with open GL for HD 3000. Have something changed in the 4.14.0 release because it worked on the same computer back in august?
How do I check if the server is running. Is there a tray icon?
When I run the HQ Player client the splash screen starts but then just disapears after a while.

Thank you. I have used GLM room corrections stored to speakers and then got HAF filters in Roon’s convolution engine ontop of that.

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Nice! GLM is really great if one has nothing else.

But with Audiolense, Acourate, Dirac, HAF - these are ‘creme de la creme’ ! There’s a couple I’m forgetting.

But it sounds like you already know all this since you use HAF :grinning:

Btw have you seen these textbook measurements of the big brothers, posted yesterday?

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Haven’t seen that yet. My wallet did not stretch to the 8361 but some day maybe a sub:)

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GUI toolkit got big upgrade to latest long term release. Please check that your graphics drivers are up to date. I’ve seen problems on my NUC with Intel graphics after Windows update, lot of applications stopped working (Chrome browser etc) and the issue was solved by downloading latest graphics drivers from Intel’s site.

From what I can read online it seems that Intel doesn’t support HD 3000 graphics on Windoes 10 it’s only supported by Microsoft compability and they don’t expose the OpenGL capability of the graphics core. There are some work arounds but I have not been able to get them to work.

So I think it’s time to get a graphics card or perhaps new motherboard, CPU, RAM combo. 10 years for a computer is not bad:) but a bit of a shame since its actually still very capabal for my needs.