HQ Player Integration [SOLVED]

After what I have just heard, that may be all the impetus I need to remain in the Windows domain.

I really hope that Jussi will add ALAC support to HQPlayer sometime soon. Once that’s a fait accompli, I’ll happily purchase a license … but I really don’t relish having to transcode everything in my library just to be able to use HQP.

Still under ROON 60-day trial, if ROON lifetime member got HQP license bundle I will jump into lifetime SHIP!!!

I’m about to install Roon for a trial on the basis that it will soon be available with HQ Player integration and, all going well, I’ll sign up to a membership as soon as the integration is available.


Please check out Roon, it is fantastic. But, I don’t think any firm timetable has yet been discussed/announced on such an integration, only that the parties were in discussion.

An interesting post from @Outlaw regarding a response from HQPlayer as to existing HQPlayer licenses and Roon.

I’ll set a notification for @danny or @mike as to whether there is any news about licensing or integration.

Edit: @Outlaw has provided copies of the emails now in the above thread. They seem consistent with there being no decisions about licensing by anyone at this stage.

I thought Roon was working on HQplayer integration? If Roon was integrating with HQplayer would they not be talking to each other. By the emails it says if/when /or how HQplayer integrates with Roon has me Questiong if this is happening?

Hi Jason,

Danny referred to it above as being in the “short term schedule” so far as Roon are concerned. We’ve also been told above that Jussi has provided code to Roon, which seems very promising.

It may be that neither company is in a position to confirm anything publicly until they’ve reached agreement between themselves. I think it would be tremendously synergistic for both Roon and HQPlayer if integration occurred.

What is short term ??? I see it being discussed as far back as the beginning of June.

That post is inaccurate.

My understanding is that Roon and HQPlayer aren’t being integrated in the sense of being tightly bound together as a single entity. Rather they will continue to exist as standalone applications with Roon able to control HQPlayer through its control API; as such there are no licensing dependencies. That is the way Muso and HQPlayer coexist. The only way I could see a licensing dependency under that arrangement would be if a product bundle were to be made available.


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Not necessarily, @Ray_Paice.

Roon and Tidal are both separate licences but are integrated.

It doesn’t mean that Roon and HQP will be similar but options do exist.

Here are the words of Jussi, the man behind HQPlayer, in response to a query I sent him;

"At the moment HQPlayer is licensed independently. What ever front-end is used to control HQPlayer via it’s control API doesn’t have effect on HQPlayer licensing.

So I’d say I share your understanding.

Naturally there are theoretical future possibilities. But non-existent things are not worth speculating."

Based on that statement and on my understanding of the word integrated;

Free Dictionary

I don’t believe Roon and HQPlayer are currently being integrated, rather, HQPlayer has an exposed control API (I would guess that is the code that has been discussed as being supplied to Roon) that Roon can use to control HQPlayer, which is actually all that is needed. The good news is that whilst an integration of Roon and HQPlayer would be a significant and time-consuming undertaking, to hook up Roon and HQPlayer via the API shouldn’t be a big deal and it has already been done my Muso, which can control HQPlayer.


@Ray_Paice has it right. We are not bundling or combining the two in any way. HQ Player and Roon will communicate over an API HQ Player provides. If your HQ Player has that same API, I don’t see why you’d have to buy another license. If it doesn’t, then of course you will need to get the HQ Player that does.

Thanks for clarifying Danny.

What news of the interfacing of Roon and HQPlayer - any ETA in sight?

I’ve been very impressed with Roon since I signed up to the trial BTW.


Squeezebox is almost ready, we’ve just been testing with more and more gear and gearing up for release. Lots of QA in progress.

HQ Player is next, and should be able to leverage the work from Squeezebox, so it should go quick. I cant promise an ETA. We all know you guys are waiting!


Cheers Danny

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Just signed on for life membership with the promise of soon ROON playing through HQplayer. The elephant in the room has been ROON’s SQ. Not bad but to my ears not up to other Mac players. Being a bitperfect through least resistance playyback devotee I was dubious of HQplayer but with ROON’s coming ability to play with HQplayer was curious to try. OMG the musicality with HQplayer is something I have not heard digitally and want to listen to more and more. Cann’t wait for ROON to be the library end of 2 amazing products.


[quote=“Egres, post:87, topic:1656”]
The elephant in the room has been ROON’s SQ.
[/quote]Roon outputs bit perfect audio quality … if you like what HQPlayer is doing then what your really saying is you prefer the upsampling algorithms in HQPlayer than those in your DAC. It’s not really about Roon per se.

I’m using Roon to drive my Meridian system via a Sooloos ID40 LAN connected audio end point card … I’ve listened very intensely and can say hand of heart there is ZERO difference AQ wise when I drive it via Roon or Sooloos.

Also I can output DTS encoded material that then decodes just fine, this is a good test to determine if the stream is bit perfect or not.

BTW I think Roon being able to drive HQplayer is great … but it should not be seen as a reflection of ‘poor’ AQ from Roon.


There are a lot of people that hear differences between bitperfect players. I don’t want this forum to be a debate on that point.

The big point is that HQplayer’s algorithms are a game changer for SQ just like ROON’s were for library management etc. Marry the 2 and oh boy, that’s game changing. Enough for me to now sign on as a “lifer”.