HQ Player on NUC W 10>DAC

Hello all

Running W10 Pro with HQ Player on it.sounds very good…just have to ask…
Any recommendations to this setup…asking course the DAC get its power from the NUC i3, via usb…not an issue…just wondering if there is something in dynamics/anything else to get in there
Running the Core on a laptop i5


Hi Morten

Which USB DAC?

Its IFI iNano LE
Firmware is 5.30
Playback op to 32bit 384Khz files, MQA and DSD 256
Its connected via ethernet btw
Thinking about the ethernet cabel…its connected to a bridge in my network…its that a problem?

Do you mean the NUCi3 is connected to a wireless bridge, via ethernet cable?

If you’re not having issues with playback I wouldn’t worry about the ethernet cable (just my personal opinion - not expertise).

Nice DAC. I’ve had a few iFi DACs. If you want a nice upgrade later, the micro iDSD Black Label is a very nice upgrade and so is the newer xDSD.

NUC is connected via ethernet cable til my network bridge… NOT a ROON Bridge
I could do a test via WiFi though…be back

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Ok .Wifi not a success…in slow motion
Back on ethernet…Imagine Dragons in MQA… sounds great

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