HQ Player outputing SDM. 6144khz to Sonicore SE, what does that mean

Quick question.

I am streaming TIDAL to ROON/HQ PLAYER to my Sonicore SE and on to my OPPO HA2 DAC.

I am trying to set to DSD256 - the output I am getting is below. SDM. 6144khz. What does this mean?

Any advice on settings.

Thank you.

That’s DSD 128 AFAIK.


Indeed. It’s the “multiple of 48” variant (as opposed to the “multiple of 44.1”).

Check to make sure that your "Bit Rate (Limit) in HQPlayer settings is set high enough, i.e. 12288000 rather than 6144000.

Hi Jonny,

I have the same DAC and the Sonic Orbiter. The Sonic Orbiter supports Native DSD for the Oppo, so aside from the suggestions given above, make sure you have SDM Pack set to none. My Signal Path shows HQPlayer: poly-sinc, ASDM7, SDM, DSD256.

I suspect that if the bitrate is showing, you are doing DoP. You may want to upgrade the software on the Sonic Orbiter too, when I got mine, the native DSD support wasn’t available yet.

Roon shows bitrate when it is not multiple of 44.1k…

Thanks all.

Erik - you smashed it out of the park with your instructions. Copied your Signal Path and boom, we have DSD256.

Great. Thanks.

However, not quite out of the woods. If you select a track, it gives an ugly pop before it starts to play.

Yeah that’s a problem with the Sonicorbiter SE and high bitrate DSD. Our other player like the microRendu and ultraRendu don’t have that problem.