HQP having to relaunch constantly because Roon Radio is turned off

@jussi_laako, @brian I’ve recently turn off the Roon Radio function because it’s been way too limiting in my opinion (out of my top 100 albums played 35 albums I’ve never once chosen to play but Radio plays the same albums again and again). But, I’ve noticed the fallout of doing this is when an album is finished, HQP stops but the display of my DAC still reads DSD128 instead of 352.8 as normal, so my guess is it that it’s still engaged with Roon and when I select another album nothing happens, so I go into HQP and all the filter/play/select buttons are going haywire and flickering and I have to force quit out of HQP… This doesn’t happen every single time but 8 out of 10 times it does.

Hey @anon94274355 – we can try to reproduce this, but can you let me know the details of your system? I’d like to make sure we’re matching your setup as closely as possible.


Hey @mike. I’m using a MacMini (late 2012 16gb / 250SSD) running RoonServer using USB to my Unison Research CD Due DAC and my Music Library is on a shared DroboFS attached through ethernet from my iMac. Let me know if this helps.