HQP Player only on some endpoints


I’m thinking of toying with HQPlayer on my Roon setup, but want to start by using it on only one of my endpoints/DACs

Currently my roonserver serves up music to 2 rooms (2 DACS, 2 endpoints, 2 amps/speakers etc etc)

Can I configure HQP to upsample the stream to just one DAC and bypass the other completely?

Hope that makes sense !

You just setup HQPlayer for one of the DACs, the other one you use straight from Roon. So you have two Roon zones then, the other DAC and HQPlayer for the other one.

You’re not able to play to both zones simultaneously if one is using HQP and the other is using RAAT, though, right?

That may be the case, I have never tried it though. Certainly they won’t be in sync, even nearly.

Not easily but you could try to play HQP zone first , then hit play on the same track/album on RAAT zone.

Through trial and error (and luck) you may be able to time it well.