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perhaps a silly question from a pure HQP amateur: which component is leading when upsampling PCM to DSD - sample rate or modulator? Is for example DSD256 upsampling with ASDM7ECv2 better or worse than DSD512 upsampling with ASDM7 from the technical point of view? Is there an impact on SQ expectable? Thank you very much in advance for your help.
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There’s no very straightforward answer to this. It depends on your DAC, etc… But usually ASDM7ECv2 at DSD256 is better than ASDM7 at DSD512.


Thank you Jussi,
the DAC is a T+A MP3100 HV 3 stage True One Bit DSD converter. Background of my question is that - as you already confirmed many times in this forum - DSD512 upsampling on ASDM7ECv2 is not possible using a M1 (probably also M2) Mac Mini while DSD512 upsampling on ASDM7 is possible. If I understood well, modulator „beats“ sample-rate in this setting and it makes sense to stay with ASDM7ECv2 and downgrade to DSD256.
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I don’t think it is “downgrade”. DSD256 gives a very good performance, then going beyond that is more adjusting different aspects.

Thank you for this interesting comment. It relativizes a little bit the “Hunt for the Holy Grail” i.e. realization of the highest sample rate feasable for the individual DAC
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