HQP/ROON eat CPU so Server or MBPro

I have a decision to make. I already made the wrong choice because I listened to the Apple guy and no one thought to mention it until it was too late.

Today I found for sure that my 2.4ghz quad core i5 cannot handle m any of the settings in Roon and HQPlayer. I had already guessed that. However, just playing music at the basic settings was causing my MBPro to make noise. I couldn’t figure out where th noise was coming from. It was most obvious in the evening/night.

I found the noise was the cooling fan coming on not long after turning on Roon and HQP. My machine also was very hot.

The Apple guy got me to open Activity Monitor . I was astonished by how much CPU power Roon and HQP were usinf. HQP using more then Roon but both using njust uner 50% and the other over 50%.

So I need either the server I have in mind or an 8core i9 MBP. There is not a huge difference in price, with the MBP costing me more. BUT because I would have to buy another licence for HQP it does up the price of the server IF I choose to stick with HQP too.

I am comfortable with MBP. I have never had one go wrong or breakdown. I already have the licences required. I can change them to a new MBP.

The server is new to me but it has the benefit, a big one for me, of a built in cd ripper, several connections, two ethernet connections. I realise it is made for my purpose whereas the MBP is not but many people use a computer.

It just occurred to me I could get a Windows laptop instead.

I guess I need to know if 8 core i9 is powerful enough for for any settings I may choose. Once I know that I would be better armed to make my choice.

If you got this far, I’d be very happy to read thoughts.

kind regards

Why do you need another HQP licence?

Only an embedded one is hardware linked.

Best is to have a powerful NUC fully dedicated for Roon and HQP.

No NUC is really powerful enough for Roon + HQPlayer if you plan on using any serious filters/shapers.

If you are going to stay at DSD128 or less you can get away with a i9-9900…but, if you want to go DSD256, you need an i9-9900K setup.

I can run DSD256 in a i3/16GB within a VM.

An i9 you should be able to run a lot.

An i9 is an i9 in a NUC or in an MBP. But the NUC will be much cheaper; especially if you add more RAM.

Also in a MBP you will be likely to be running other processes. Something dedicated will be much better.

Because as far as I know the server I want, Audiostore/Vortexbox Prestige 3, which uses Nova software (Sonic orbiter) gives me options including Roon and HQP and according to SMG HQP would be embedded and is a different program to HQP desktop.

Despite several attempts to get an answer direct from HQP by myself and the maker of Prestige 3, neither of us have received a response.

Your suggestion sounds interesting and I assume the NUC takes the HQP desktop? Would I be correct in thinking the NUC is small?

Than you kindly for your response. I need to reiterate the fact that I am disabled physically so need to be able to easily and reliably control a NUC or whatever I end up with from distance.

Right now I use another MBProvis screes hare. I have I have the Roon app on my phone and it mostly works well. The HQP app I cannot get to work at all. Not even close.

At least MBPro I know how to use but as yet no answer with regard the ability of an 8core i9 to run both HQP and Roon. Although think I recall that one of the SGC machines, the flagship one is 8core i9.

Part of disbilty is brain damage. It has not rendered me stupid but I have memory issues and it can take longer for me to proceessss ess

What is it you want to know from Jussi ? He responded to your earlier enquiry here and Dirk linked the relevant part of the Signalyst website here.

It looks like Audiostore are a UK dealer for Small Green Computer. Have you asked them for their price of their fanless i9-9900 sonicTransporter?

Is it a big price difference compared with the Prestige 3?

Another great reason to get a fanless (silent) unit running HQP Embedded - it can be controlled from any web browser (iPad, Macbook etc). This means from any location in your house that has WiFi.

You have to connect the server to your main modem/router with ethernet cable though.

But yes Embedded would be a new license cost for you which I know is not ideal.

My DAC limits me to 384pcm thus also to DSD128. Plus my receiver also has DACs that limit to 384. However it has a str8 function and also Pure Direct. I know PD bypasses all processing but whether or not means I can play DSD256 via a DAC that processes higher than 384i do not know. I do know that it plays 256 via USB stick put in front.

The sonic thing is much more expensive.

Ethernet no problem. The Prestige is fanless. Just google Auditostopre or Vortexbox Prestige 3 and you will egt all the infor you need.

thganks again

If you mean I’d be using it for surfing or my photography or anything other than music, no. It would be a part of my hi fi system as the prtresent one is and is not used for anything else.

I already did and have no idea what exact CPU is in that thing . I do know the sonicT-i9 has an i9-9900 inside.

What’s the actual price difference they quoted you?

And how does that price compare to a new i9 MBP (which will still have a fan that still may end up sounding like a vacuum cleaner)?

Apple has a 14 day NQA return policy…maybe its not too late?

Maybe an option but you might need windows or linux

You need to ask what CPU is that to compare like for like.

Does Nova not support the HQPlayer Desktop also?

Consider embedded is hardware fingerprinted hence only that machine. If you want to upgrade, sell or brakes then licence is lost.

You can control the NUC from everyone but requires some work. Depending if you want that for other things also you have different options.

Only lost if you purchase the license from that dealer with that machine.

With sonicTransporters, you can choose to separately purchase the Embedded license yourself and then can transfer that to your own new machine in future after selling sonicTransporter.


Just get a cirrus7 nimbini media edition.
Should be able to handle dsd256 easily.

My nuc8i7beh can do any pcm and DSD up to 512 (non EC modulator) but it will get hot! Mine is in a fanless akasa case. I assume the cirrus7 will fare better temp wise.

Set it up somewhere, and then use Remote Desktop to access from your phone/tablet.