HQP + Roon + Sonictransporter i9 + Lumin X1

Apologies for the newbie question. I recently purchased the ST i9 and have been able to set-up with Roon & the Lumin X1 but I am not sure how to set-up HQP. Is it possible to do HQP with these components or do I need another product to serve as a HQP player? Currently I am feeding the i9 directly into the X1 optical port.
Thank you for all the help in advance!

HQP is an available app within sonictransporter … Add it to apps, sign in and away you go.

Lumin does not currently support HQPlayer.

Well … thre you go🤦🏻‍♂️ Problem solved.

Thank you @Kevin_Roxby! I appreciate your reply.

Thank you Peter (@wklie) ! I was hopeful that maybe there is another way but am still happy with the output from the X1.

Doesn’t the Lumin X1 have a USB port?
If so, have you tried connecting the sT i9 directly to it?
In the sonicTransporter web-based app, set the Backend config to “ALSA” (not network based); set up and “enable” a new HQP endpoint in Roon’s audio settings.

I don’t know for sure that this will work, but maybe it is worth a try
(unless someone else chimes in to say it definitely won’t).

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That’s a good observation. The X1 USB port can be used for USB audio output to an another USB DAC (i.e. turning the X1 into a pure streamer), or accessing music files on a USB thumb drive when using Lumin app.

It lacks the USB DAC input functionality, therefore it cannot be USB connected to a computer or SonicTransporter.

That’s an intriguing setup. What SFP module are you using? The SonicTransporter standard TP-LINK TL-SM311LM?

Even though you cannot use HQPlayer with Lumin for now, you may still experiment with Roon built-in DSD512 upsampling.

Hi Peter,
I am using ASF-13-24-20-D. I have been using that with my SOTM sNH-10G for almost a year and that worked with the i9. Am I doing something wrong?

If it’s working for you, then it’s good.

Wouldn’t it be just as accurate to say that HQPlayer does not currently support ethernet output? :slight_smile:

I’d love to be able to send output from HQPlayer embedded on the sonicTransporter directly through a copper/optical ethernet pipe to a streamer/DAC/pre-amp. Of course, that would cannibalize SGC’s Rendu sales. Good riddance, though. Although the Rendu devices might sound good, those little boxes and cables do add clutter (and heat). Furthermore, the devices frequently lose their USB handshake and don’t necessarily recover gracefully. That does not happen (in my experience) with ethernet connections.

Of course it does, over HQPlayer NAA protocol, and also works over Merging RAVENNA for example.

Like you can do with T+A SDV 3100 HV for example?

OK, so, without buying any new equipment, is there a HQP configuration that allows me to connect my sT i9 to my Matrix Element X (streamer/DAC/pre-amp) via ethernet, then stream the output from HQPlayer-embedded to the Element X, without a network audio adapter (ethernet in, USB out) in the path?

No, because they didn’t bother to include my software component to support NAA protocol. They have just Roon’s equivalent (called RAAT and branded Roon Ready) and Apple’s AirPlay. Blame them, not HQPlayer.

Nothing says Network Audio Adapter would need to involve USB in any shape or form. Cheapest piece that can achieve network connected DAC compatible with HQPlayer is RaspberryPi with HifiBerry DAC board (no USB involved):

I even provide bootable firmware (full minimal OS) for this.

P.S. Since the Matrix seems to use same SoC/CPU as some other devices, my custom alternative firmware could even work on it with minor modifications…

I guess this is an opportunity for someone to be able to bring all this together into one package since many of us want this functionality. I am curious if this is something that can be a software solution down the road or is there a hardware limitation?

Will this help with:

  1. HQP into X1? or
  2. send (using Roon) 5.1 to my Denon AV7200 receiver via HDMI?

Nope, not accurate.

Edit: seen the Guru has replied.

No, because X1 would need to add the needed software module to be compatible with HQPlayer.

Maybe, since RasPi has HDMI output. I don’t have any AVR to test if it works this way. But certainly there are many pieces of hardware that have HDMI output and you can play 7.1 from HQPlayer, either through NAA or directly from HQPlayer itself. Since of course, Roon and HQPlayer can reside on different devices. I provide full bootable HQPlayer OS for both PC hardware and RaspberryPi4. Of course RasPi4 doesn’t have much processing power for doing multichannel upsampling, but some basic 192k upsampling could even work since it is so light weight operation.

The T+A device I referred to has ethernet input that can take up to DSD1024 from HQPlayer, has a separate native discrete DSD converter section and has a pre-amp. There’s also a similar model without pre-amp.

Mostly it is about software. Many device vendors buy the streaming platform from Stream Unlimited or ConversDigital. And these don’t support HQPlayer.