HQP + Roon + Sonictransporter i9 + Lumin X1

Would it not be feasible for HQPlayer to add that code to make it compatible with all ethernet DACs/streamers/pre-amps/integrated-amps? I still don’t understand why we should blame the X1.

If we’re going to blame the X1 for anything, I’d fault it for not having a fully-functional USB-B port (one that accepts data from a computer/server as well as from a thumb drive or hard drive). Maybe it’s fair to say similar expectations apply to the ethernet ports (they should be designed to work with the NAA/Merging protocol). However, the demand for that may not be too big.

The Raspberry Pi solution does sound interesting. In this scenario, its only purpose would be to run HQPlayer? I still could run Roon Core from my sonicTransporter, right? Or, would the Pi replace the sT? Either way, I suppose one also would need a new HQPlayer (desktop/embedded) license.

There’s no such way, because there’s not just one protocol. Not all network DACs use same protocol. Roon has managed to push their own (closed) protocol to quite many devices.

In addition, HQPlayer has pretty specific requirements for the protocol and the endpoint implementation to support HQPlayer’s way of doing things. That’s why it has it’s own protocol and endpoint implementation. Likely Roon has made theirs for similar reasons. In this way Roon and HQPlayer are similar.

While HQPlayer has such support, even for network endpoints. So you can have USB-B -> Ethernet too, not just the other way around… :wink:

Yes. Of course it’s DSP capabilities are not anywhere near that of sonicTransporter, but for certain cases it still works fine (stereo upsampling to max 384k PCM and such).

Yes, or somewhere else. I’m running full desktop Roon on my iMac. HQPlayer servers are separate computers.

Maybe, or you could have two HQPlayer’s in the network and thus two selectable HQPlayer zones in Roon. I have closer to 10 HQPlayer zones in my network…

Yes, that’s likely the case…

Jussi, thanks for taking the trouble to respond
(now and in other cases.) I’m not aware of too many other forums where developers regularly chime in like this. The PS Audio forum, maybe.

As for your reference up-thread to the T+A DAC/streamer/pre, that beast apparently runs about $38K. The Raspberry Pi solution might be under $1K, but doesn’t seem to offer the horsepower I’d want to support HQPlayer. Unless there are other good alternatives (closer to the Pi price, with NAA support built in) it seems to me that to get everything HQPlayer has to offer, for all practical purposes you probably do need a USB DAC/streamer/preamp.

Peter (Lumin),

Are there any plans to support HQ Player in the future?

@jussi_laako Thank you for the detailed information and I appreciate your proactive responses.