HQP start up-not doing so well

Hey. I just downloaded HQP. I have the HQP user manual and it is helpful for selecting filters and the like, but it does not explain the basic setup. If anyone can point me to really really REALLY basic setup instructions, that would be great.

FYI, I have a server well equipped to run HQP w/Roon (Sonictransporter for HQP, i7, quead core, etc.). I am not so well equipped.

I want to run HQp with my SB Transporter and Classic. Apparently, they are not NAA devices.

I am having trouble finding the devices on HQP. How do I do that?

Do I use Wasopi or Asio?

I think I am starting to understand this, but am now stuck.


Since when you use HQPlayer, Roon hands off the audio to it, and HQP handles distribution only to its own NAA endpoint; so that excludes Sqjeezeboxes of any flavor.

You either can setup a small Beagle/Dietpi like computer device ( as in order the parts and build it) or purchase one of the prebuilt devices: some popular options are the Sonic Orbiter SE or the MicroRendu.

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Ahhh, no SB.

That;s ok as I am looking for a replacement for the TP. But, it will be awhile…


And, i do have a Sonicorbiter for a second system. Will give that a shot. Thanks.