HQP - suggestion for Bit Rate display

The Bit Rate display in Settings currently requires familiarity with the various multiples of common original sampling rates. I often find myself pulling up a table in a browser to check what rates are multiples of what original rates.

If original rates and multiples could be given distinctive colours it would assist in remembering (or avoid having to memorise) what higher rates are multiples of lower rates.

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I think the control used for the drop-list doesn’t allow per-item colors. But I could maybe change the displayed text to something like “32k x128”, “44.1k x128”, “48k x128”, etc. This would probably help as well?

Thanks Jussi,

The only reason I suggested colours was because I thought it might be simpler; including the actual multiple figures (perhaps in brackets after the MHz figures) would be even more informative and helpful.

On an unrelated note, the modulator for 512k+fs is abbreviated as AMSDM rather than ASDM. Is it a different type of modulator to ASDM or is this a typo ?

It is new and different kind of beast, what I call “pseudo-multibit”. Higher the sampling rate better it works, so DSD512 is good, DSD1024 would be even better. :slight_smile:

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