HQP4: Roon, Raspberry Pi/RoPieeeXL, and Spotify Questions

I have been running Roon/HQP3 on a Windows 10 computer. My DAC is a T+A DAC 8 DSD.

I also have a Raspberry Pi (with DiGI Berry Pro HAT) running RoPieeeXL. I used it for Spotify (via a separate DAC).

I want to use HQP4 to play both Roon and Spotify to the same DAC (the T+A DAC 8 DSD).

I just downloaded the trial version of HQ4.


  1. How should I connect the Raspberry Pi/DiGi Berry to the Windows computer? USB, Toslink, other?
  2. What settings should I use in HQP4? (see picture below of what I have so far, but I can’t get sound)
  3. What should I put under “URI” (on the first page of HQP4)?


Depends on where the wanted input is coming from…

Please see the HQPlayer Quick Start Guide:

I want to play Spotify from the Raspberry Pi/RoPieeeXL to HQP.

Thanks Jussi!

Then you should connect it via Toslink for example. And configure HQPlayer to use Toslink input of your HQPlayer machine as input device.

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Thanks Jussi.
I have connected the Raspberry Pi/RoPieeeXL device via USB to my computer.

Under HQPlayer settings, I chose “ropieeexl: USB Audio Class 2”

Under IRL, I chose “audio:default/32000/2”

I get the following message when I try to listen to music from Spotify:

Any suggestions? Thanks!!

For many reasons that is not going to work. That USB Audio Class 2 thing won’t work on RoPieeeXL. In addition, the USB Audio Class 2 thing has never been tested in RasPi4 hardware in first place (theoretically it could work).

So you are trying to establish audio loopback from your computer to RasPi and back?

Thanks Jussi.
I am trying to stream Spotify using RasPi to HQPlayer (installed in Windows PC).

I want to have HQP process (upconvert) that stream and send it to my DAC (T+A DAC 8 DSD).

Then you need to use S/PDIF or other similar method to connect RasPi to the Windows PC.