HQplayer 3.20.4 versus 3.20.1 in Roon 1.5

Hi everybody,
Happy with the move to Roon 1.5 I checked for an update of HQplayer and found I had 3.20.1 while 3.20.4 was available. I installed and substituted the old for the new version and found a form of insidious distorsion to appear on piano and certain low-end loaded messages on my system. I did not touch any of the settings - they were replicated directly. Does anyone have a similar experience ?

I use poly-sinc-mp with shaped dither. I am on Mac and used Time Capsule to restore the old version (which is not available on HQplayer website - it should be possible by the way…). Sound back to the extremely good level I am used to.

Myt server is a MacBook Air with ultra-short USB connection to a Neutron Star USB converter. The rest of the system is able to reveal many musical subtleties between various dithering or filter options across wide spectrum.

It would be good that HQplayer/Roon developers could provide at least the real, updated impulse responses of their filters with a given configuration.