HQPlayer 4.16.2 update trouble

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro M1 16GB

I saw the announcement advising to update HQPlayer and tried the install, and now HQ Player doesn’t show up in Settings->Audio anymore.

Description of Issue

Not much to say, the directions on Signalyst make no explicit mention or Roon so the HQ function has effectively been lost on my system. I see your email says to contact signatlyst but TBH some actual directions from Roon on how to proceed to ensure a successful update would have really helped.

Have you looked under Settings/Setup and verified the HQPlayer information there?

That was it, thanks! It’d been so long since I first set it up. Bet I won’t be the first to forget, for your consideration you might save some support overhead with a couple of tips/tricks on your next email…

I have a dedicated PC which controls my NOS DAC, runs HQPlayer and is connected to a Roon core. HQPlayer 4.16.1 works with this setup no trouble.

I updated to 4.17 and I received an error that there was no internet connection and I could not connect to Roon. I do not want this PC connected to the internet so I have reverted back to HQPlayer 4.16.1

Am I missing something? Do the new versions of HQPlayer require an internet connection? Is there some kind of workaround? If not, I am afraid that come Monday, both Roon and HQPlayer will be useless to me.

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