HQPlayer 4 - Implementation with a Merging Hapi

I sent a message directly to you, which went unanswered (this was probably not the right method) I publish it more officially below.


I hope I’m not disturbing you too much.

As some members of this forum may have recommended the use of HQPlayer, I have just installed your application in evaluation mode and I’m encountering some difficulties to make it work completely.

I’m using a PC (Windows 10 Pro 64) with Roon and from it I drive a Dac Merging Hapi.

The 16/44, 24/48, 24/88.2, DSD formats work perfectly.
Everything works except the files in 24/96 and 24/192 formats.

The setting I use on the HQPlayer application is the one recommended by Merging for its NADAC.

Here are some examples:

  • 24/88.2


  • 24/192


If you could help me it will be great!

Best regards.

How do your HQPlayer settings look like?

Also, please do not turn volume in HQPlayer higher than -3 dBFS!

Here it is

The volume was on 0 dBFS, I put it on -9 dBFS… not working with 24/96 and 24/192.

Thank you!

You need to change to a filter that can do conversion between rate families (refer to the table in manual for details about possible conversion ratios). For example poly-sinc-ext2.

I’d also recommend using at least ASDM5 modulator, in case you don’t have enough CPU power to run ASDM5EC.

I change the parameters as you tell me


but now dropouts occur.

OK, you can then try something lighter like poly-sinc-short-lp-2s and DSD5 modulator.

What kind of CPU do you have?

With those parameters it works


May I use poly-sinc-short-lp-2s for both Oversamplings 1x and Nx ?

Here is my CPU and RAM.


Is the power of this PC insufficient for using your product?
What power do you recommend?

Yes… If your CPU can do ext2 for example for 44.1k and 48k source rates, then you can set it for 1x and leave the lighter option for Nx.

It all depends on settings. Now you are doing 8 channel output which is pretty heavy.

My current CPU recommendation is i9-10900K. If this is not enough, filters can be offloaded to a powerful Nvidia GPU.

I change the settings from 8 channel output (as I just applied the Merging recommanded settings for HQPlayer) to 2 Channel output as I need only 2 (2 speakers…) and now I can use ext2 for both 1x and Nx and no dropouts occur anymore.

Previously you ask me to “refer to the table in manual for details about possible conversion ratios”. Where can I find this manual?

Also, if I don’t need to use you convolution and/or pipeline setups, will the sound be improved only using the HQPlayer and my settings?
Or is your software especially make for using convolution and pipeline setups?

In Windows Start-menu, in HQPlayer group. It is installed together with the software unless you specifically deselect it in the installer.

Yes, convolution and pipeline processing are optional extra.

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Thank you very much for all your answers and your time (it’s even later in Finland than in France :wink:)
Now, I’m able to test your product… :sunglasses:

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