HQPlayer and Devialet Expert CI over network

Has anyone configured HQPlayer to work with Devialet Expert CI over the network? If so, then what configurations are required in HQPlayer and Devialet Expert CI?

I tried using AudioLinux + HQPlayer + NAA, but HQPlayer does not see the Devialet on the network. It works ok with DACs connected via USB, but does not see the Devialet in the network.

I don’t think I understood the HQPlayer architecture well: I installed HQPlayer and NAA on the same computer. I think the NAA needs to be installed on a separate computer, to which a DAC / Devialet is connected via USB.
I saw that HQPlayer and NAA know how to communicate with DACs via USB, but I think they can’t stream directly to a network attached DAC…

Your Devialet would need to be running NAA to be seen by HQPlayer. If you have a RaspberryPi 4, you could install the NAA image on it and then attach it to your dac by USB cable.

Thank you for this information.

Best option is to ask Devialet to include NAA software module in their DAC.

I will do that.