HQPlayer and Roon

I use HQPlayer with Roon. The other day I tried HQPlayer on its own and it would not work just got a box that said please wait while a green bar went back and forth. It worked fine when playing with Roon.

I was told to remove the HQPlayer.xml and reload library in HQPlayer. Everything worked fine I was even able to play regular poly since at DSD256 which I was never able to play before without stuttering?

I was playing fine for about a hour using HQP with Roon then stuttering started. I went back and tried HQPlayer on its own again and the same issue with the please wait screen with the green bar going back and forth.

Are files being corrupted? Any ideas?

Doing DSD256 or DSD512 with non-2s poly-sinc filters requires a lot of CPU power. For a CPU with 4 or more cores you should enable “Pipeline SDM”.

Stuttering indicates that you are running out of CPU power.