HQPlayer and streamer help

Hello friends, long time lurker first time poster here. I have recently been trying to figure out how to integrate HQplayer into my audio chain, and I must admit I am not having any luck so far. I run a m1 mac mini as my roon core in the first floor, and one the second floor where my chain is, I am streaming through a silent angel M1T in one room and a bluesound node in another over wifi. My question is, is it possible to have the HQplayer process the music in my roon core and streamed through my M1T? Or am I out of look and will need to hook my pc to my dac in order to use HQplayer? Any help and guidance would be great appreciated, thank you.

You should have HQPlayer NAA (Network Audio Adapter) running on your M1T (or Bluesound) but unfortunately it seems it/they don’t offer this opportunity (for example the ifi Zen Stream or Stack Audio Link II do)… definitely out of luck …

Looking at the info on the M1T, it has the hardware to run NAA. There are online forum comments that suggest NAA is coming to the M1T, but @jussi_laako may be able to provide more info on that.

yeah, I have read that in a couple of places, but most of them are like 2 years ago, definitely not holding my breath, lol

… the streaming section is a Raspberry Pi4 … it actually should … but 6 months are gone from the announcement (made by the US importer not by Silent Angel …)

Stack Audio Link II is mentioned on the HQPlayer web page …

is there anyway to utilize the airplay capability of the mac mini to run hqplayer first, then stream it to either node or the m1t?

Not at all …

There are two only ways to use HQPlayer

  1. dac usb connected to the pc running HQPlayer

  2. dac usb connected to the computer running NAA (that must be network connected to the server running HQPlayer, better a wired Ethernet connection)

To better explain … it is not possible, but if it were keep in mind that AirPlay max resolution is 24/48 therefore using HQPlayer would not make sense …

Much of my source material is 44.1/16 and it still benefits from HQPlayer upsampling and modulation to drive my NOS DACs.

… but the question was whether it was possible to use HQPlayer and then broadcast via AirPlay …

Oops, you are right, I misread the question.

I have heard about such devices, but I don’t know about the current status and I have not possessed one.

AirPlay is not suitable for HQPlayer output, although technically possible. That’s why HQPlayer has it’s own network endpoint protocol called NAA.